A Notary Public is a public officer appointed under authority of state law with power to administer oaths, certify affidavits and take acknowledgements. Notarization does not guarantee the truth or accuracy of statements in a document. The notary has no obligation to verify a document's content. Notarization does not legalize or validate a document. A document with errors before notarization will contain the same errors afterward.


You must be at least 18 years of age and a registered voter in the county in which you reside, in order to apply for your Notary Commission. After you pass the notary test, you must produce to the Governor of Ohio the appropriate Judge's Certificate of Qualifications affirming you have satisfied the requirements of Ohio Revised Code 147.02.


You may purchase from the Clerk of Courts (for $7.00) the book "Essential Notary Education" to study for the Notary Public test. You will be given the Application for Appointment form to fill out and bring with you when you come in to take the test. The questions on the test are based upon the statutory requirements for notaries that are explained in the book "Essential Notary Education."

You may take the written test between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Report to the Common Pleas Court and you will be given your test. Please allow approximately 30 minutes for the test. You may use your book when taking your test. When you have completed the test, return it to the Court of Common Pleas to be graded. In the event you do not pass the test, you will receive notice and further instructions by mail.

If you pass the test, the Judge will sign your application. The Court will mail your application to you. When you receive it back in the mail, your application and $15.00 fee should be mailed to:

Notary Commission Clerk
Office of the Ohio Secretary of State
P.O. Box 1658
Columbus, Ohio 43216-1658

The Commission Clerk will mail your Notary Commission back to you. You will need to bring your Notary Commission into the Clerk of Courts of Huron County to be recorded before you can officially notarize any documents. There is a fee of $6.00 to file your Commission with the Clerk's office.


Your Notary Public Commission expires 5 years from the date of issue. Within the 30 days before your commission expires you should apply for renewal. This is done by contacting the Huron County Clerk of Courts office and completing the application. If your commission has expired prior to your application for renewal, you will be required to complete the affidavit on the back of the application and sign it. If your commission has expired and more than 1 year has passed, you will need to re-take the notary test.


Your Notary Public seal and rubber stamp may be obtained through an office supplies store/dealer.